Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Learn what it is like to sail the world

A saga of two "non-sailors" who in a short time became sailors

* 308 pages, route maps, and many photos

* The good, bad, and the ugly of the cruising lifestyle

* Helpful hints on provisioning and stowing items aboard

* Safety issues, contents of abandon-ship bag, tools on board

6 x 9 softbound, $20.00

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On the Wings of Skybird

We had never been on a sailboat before. Nevertheless, in a relatively spur-of-the-moment flight of ideas, we bought a sailboat. The rat race had gotten to us; we wanted a change of pace. We sold our home, rid ourselves of possessions, went on a fast track of learning, and sailed off into the sunset.

Although the newspaper article states we would depart for a year's time, we actually spent four years on our adventure, sailing over 25,000 miles and visiting 21 countries.

Our preparation, the adventures themselves, and our changing perceptions of the world are chronicled in my book: Sailing on the Wings of Skybird; the adventures and misadventures of a couple who sailed away.